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Dhanbad, Coal capital of India, Ruhr Valley of India, a number of adjectives define the mineral deposit the city has. ISM Dhanbad one of the premier institute of mining in the world offering courses on engineering and MBA. The famous multistarrer movie KALA PATHAR and Gangs of wasseypur were shot here describing the life of miners in the pre nationalised era. City boasts of Fertiliser Plant at Sindri, NIT at Sindri, a Medical College as well with a number of good schools. Dhanbad being on the grand chord connecting Delhi to Kolkata enjoys a very good Road and Rail connectivity. Places to visit around city is Maithan Dam on Jharkhand-Bengal Border, Panchet Dam, Usri Falls, Topchanchi lake. Bank More is the heart of city having a number of eateries and food joints. A visit to tunnel mine is an event of life time tto experience how coal is extracted from underground mines. Damodar river in the south of city is a river basin supplying water and electricity.One can also see fire and natural gas bellowing out from surface near Jharia....Institute like Koyla Bhawan and DGMS are of national repute..A number of natural waterfalls like Isri and Usri falls, Lake like Topchachi adds to the natural scenic beauty of the place and home to flora and faunas..as it adjoins the Hazaribagh National Park...Twin city Bokaro steel city is also very close and was earlier part of Dhanbad district...The demography is a mix of Tribals, Bengalies, Biharis, Marwaris, Gujratis and Punjabis...People from all walks of life and region have come to dhanbad to be part of the Mines and later made dhanbad as their Home.Durga Pooja is the biggest festival celebrated here and is a major attraction with various colorful panadals dotting the city during Navrati..It becomes really hot during summers at daytime but enjoys moderate climate otherwise... People are nice and warm and hospitable..

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