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Kotappakonda is a holy hill, situated in Guntur district, Narasaraopet,Andhra Pradesh, India. It is famous for the temple of Lord Siva.The hill appears with three peaks in any direction, "These three peaks are known as Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra" so also called Trikutadri.One interesting story is that in the temple surroundings you won't find crows flying around. Once a lady used to worship Lord Shiva with fruit, flowers etc. One day when she was on the way to temple, one crow disturbed the lady's offerings. She got angry and cursed them, saying that crows cannot enter this temple premises. You cannot find a crow there today. A very big fair is held on the eve of Maha Sivaratri every year . This is called Kotayya thirunalla or Kotappakonda thirunalla. Devotees from surrounding villages and towns like Kuvuru(200 years History in kotappakonda), Ameenasahebpalem, Narasarao Pet, Appapuram, uppalapadu,guravayapallem Kammavari Palem, Purushothapatnam, Yadavalli, Chavitipalem,pothavaram,murikipudi,boppudi, etc. build bamboo frames decorated with colour papers and lights called prabhas. The surrounding village's people always worship Lord Siva.

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